The Best Place for HP & Xerox LaserJet Service and Repair in Central NJ
56 Ethel Road West #10
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: 732-985-0100 Fax:732-985-0200

CMC Offers Printer Service & Repair for HP, Xerox & Brother Laser Printers & we are located in Piscataway, NJ. CMC has HP Printer Repair Technicians on staff to get your Hewlett Packard Printers repaired FAST.

We offer carry-in depot service which is the least expensive, depot service on HP printers shipped to CMC for repair, pickup service at selected local locations, and local on-site service. Please call for prices for your particular requirements. Service Contracts & Onsite Service are also available for Central NJ Locations such as Piscataway, Middlesex, Edison, New Brunswick, Dunellen, Highland Park, South Plainfield, Metuchen, Bound Brook and Somerset.

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CMC Specializes in Service & Repair of HP Monochrome and Color LaserJets & MFP's.

HOW CAN I MAYBE FIX MY OWN PRINTER: What to try FIRST - On ALL image quality problems try changing consumables such as toner (and image drums if your unit takes them) first if you have extras (Might save you from paying for service). In the cases where that does not fix the problem, give us a call to explain your problem.

CMC can Service and Repair the following HP LaserJet Printers

HP Color LaserJet Series
HP Color LaserJet 5500 Series: 5500, 5500N, 5500DN, 5500DTN and 5500HDN
HP Color LaserJet 5550 Series: 5550 5550N, 5550DN, 5550DTN and 5550HDN
HP Color LaserJet 4700 Series: 4700, 4700N, 4700DN, 4700DTN and 4700PH+
HP Color LaserJet 4650 Series: 4650, 4650N, 4650DN and 4650DTN
HP Color LaserJet 4600 Series: 4600, 4600N, 4600DN and 4600DTN
HP Color LaserJet 4005 CP Series: CP4005, CP4005N, CP4005DN
HP Color LaserJet 4025 CP Series: CP4025, CP4025N, CP4025DN
HP Color LaserJet 4525 CP Series: CP4525, CP4525N, CP4525DN, CP4525XH
HP Color LaserJet 5225 CP Series: CP5225, CP5225N, CP5225DN
HP Color LaserJet 5525 CP Series: CP5525, CP5525N, CP5525DN CP5525XH
HP Color LaserJet 6015 CP Series: CP6015, CP6015N, CP6015DE, CP6015DN, CP6015X and CP6015XH
HP Color LaserJet 3800 Series: 3800, 3800N, 3800DN and 3800DTN
HP Color LaserJet 3600 Series: 3600, 3600N and 3600DN
HP Color LaserJet HP 3505 CP Series: 3505, CP3505 CP3505N, CP3505DN and CP3505X
HP Color LaserJet HP 3520 3525 CP Series: CP3525 CP3525N, CP3525DN and CP3525X
HP Color LaserJet 3000 Series: 3000, 3000N and 3000DN
HP Color LaserJet Pro 200 251 Series: M251 and M251NW
HP Color LaserJet Pro 400 451 Series: M451, M451NW, M451DN and M451DW
HP Color LaserJet Pro 500 553 Series: M553, M553N, M553DN and M553X
HP Color LaserJet 600 651 Series: M651, M651N, M651DN, M651XH
HP Color LaserJet 700 750 Series: M750, M750N, M750DN, M750XH

HP B&W Mono LaserJet Series
HP LaserJet 8150 Series: 8150, 8150N, 8150DN
HP LaserJet 8100 Series: 8100, 8100N, 8100DN
HP LaserJet 8000 Series: 8000, 8000N, 8000DN
HP LaserJet 9000 Series: 9000, 9000N, 9000DN, 9000HNS and 9000HNF
HP LaserJet 9040 Series: 9040, 9040N and 9040DN
HP LaserJet 9050 Series: 9050, 9050N and 9050DN
HP LaserJet 5000 Series: 5000, 5000N, 5000DN and 5000GN
HP LaserJet 5100 Series: 5100, 5100TN and 5100DTN
HP LaserJet 5200 Series: 5200, 5200TN and 5200DTN
HP LaserJet 4350 Series: 4350, 4350N, 4350TN and 4350DTN
HP LaserJet 4300 Series: 4300, 4300N, 4300TN and 4300DTN
HP LaserJet 4250 Series: 4240, 4240N, 4250, 4250N, 4250TN and 4250DTN
HP LaserJet 4200 Series: 4200, 4200N, 4200TN and 4200DTN
HP LaserJet 4100 Series: 4100, 4100N, 4100TN and 4100DTN
HP LaserJet 4050 Series: 4050, 4050se, 4050N, 4050T and 4050TN
HP LaserJet 4000 Series: 4000, 4000se, 4000N, 4000T and 4000TN
HP LaserJet 4014 P4014 Series: 4014, P4014, P4014N and P4014DN
HP LaserJet 4015 P4015 Series: 4015 P4015, P4015N, P4015DN, P4015TN and P4015X
HP LaserJet 4510 4515 P4510 P4515 Series: 4510, 4515, P4510, P4515, P4515N, P4515DN, P4515TN and P4515X
HP LaserJet M400 Series: M401, 401DN and M401DN
HP LaserJet M500 Series: 506, M506, M506N, M506DN and M506X
HP LaserJet M500 Series: 551, M551, M551N, M551DN and M551XH
HP LaserJet M600 Series: 601, M601, M601N and M601DN
HP LaserJet M600 Series: 602, M602, M602N and M602DN
HP LaserJet M600 Series: 603, M603, M603N, M603DN and M603XH
HP LaserJet M600 Series: 604, M604, M604N and M604DN
HP LaserJet M600 Series: 605, M605, M605N M605DN and M605X
HP LaserJet M600 Series: 606, M606, M606N M606DN and M606X
HP LaserJet M700 Series: 701, M701, M701A and M701N
HP LaserJet M700 Series: 712, M712, M712N, M712DN and M712XH
HP LaserJet M800 Series: 806, M806, M806dn, M806x and M806X+
HP Laser 3300 Series: 3300mfp, 3310, 3320 mfp, 3320N mfp, 3330 mfp and 3380 mfp
HP Laser 3200 Series: 3200, 3200se and 3200m print fax copy scan devices
HP Laser 3100 Series: 3100, 3100se, 3100xi, 3150, 3150se and 3150xi print fax copy scan devices
HP LaserJet 3005 Series: P3005, P3005D, P3005N, P3005DN and P3005X
HP LaserJet 2400 Series: 2420, 2420D, 2420DN, 2430, 2430N, 2430TN and 2430DTN
HP LaserJet 2300 Series: 2300L, 2300, 2300D, 2300N, 2300DN and 2300DTN
HP LaserJet 2200 Series: 2200, 2200D, 2200DN, 2200DT and 2200DTN
HP LaserJet 2100 Series: 2100, 2100M and 2100 TN
HP LaserJet 2035 Series: 2035, P2035 and P2035N
HP LaserJet 2055 Series: 2055, P2055, P2055D and P2055DN
HP LaserJet 1300 Series: 1300 and 1300N
HP LaserJet 1200 Series: 1220, 1200 and 1200N
HP LaserJet P1102 Series: 1102, P1102 and P1102W
HP LaserJet 1606 Series: 1606, P1606 and P1606DN
HP LaserJet 5SI, 5SIMX, 5SINX
HP LaserJet 5, 5M, 5N, 5Se

HP B&W Mono LaserJet MFP Series
HP LaserJet M4345 MFP Series: M4345MFP and M4345X
HP LaserJet 4345 MFP Series: 4345, 4345MFP, 4345X, 4345XS and 4543XM
HP Laser MFP 4100 4101 Series: 4100, 4101, 4100mfp and 4101mfp
HP LaserJet M2727 MFP Series: M2727MFP, M2727NF and M2727NFS
HP LaserJet M3035 MFP Series: M3035MFP and M3035XS
HP LaserJet M1212 MFP Series: M1212MFP and M1212NF
HP LaserJet M1217 MFP Series: M1217MFP and M1217NFW
HP LaserJet M1536 MFP Series: M1536MFP and M1536DNF

HP Color LaserJet MFP Series
HP Color LaserJet M275 MFP Series: TopShot M275, M275MFP and M275NW
HP Color LaserJet M276 MFP Series: M276, M276MFP and M276NW
HP Color LaserJet M375 MFP Series: M375, M375MFP and M375NW
HP Color LaserJet M425 MFP Series: M425, 425MFP and M425DN
HP Color LaserJet M475 MFP Series: M475, M475MFP and M475DN

We NO LONGER repair HP LaserJet II, LaserJet III or LaserJet 4 and any Inkjet Printers (Not worth the cost to fix).

Common Inexpensive to Repair Laserjet Problems:
These are less expensive common repairs, IF these are the ONLY problem.

Laserjet 5l, 6l, 1100 pull too many sheets of paper
Laserjet 4 and 5 paper jams at rear or at delivery of paper
Laserjet 2100 2200 tray 1 pulls multiple sheets of paper
Laserjet 2100 2200 tray 2 does not feed paper
Laserjet 4000 4050 4100 tray 1 pulls too many sheet of paper

Other Common Repairs and Maintenance:
Laserjets below 4000 Series - Print Quality defects with paper crinkling and you see debris on output
Laserjet 4000 4050 4100 tray 2 does not pickup paper
LaserJet 4100mfp and 4101mfp - Automatic Document Feeder jamming or pulling too many sheets
LaserJet 4200, 4250, 4300 and 4350 - Grinding noise from back of printer
Laserjet 5si 8000 8100 8150 tray 2 and or 3 does not pickup paper
Laserjet 5si 8000 8100 8150 tray 1 inserts too many sheets
Laserjet 5si 8000 8100 8150 paper jams on right side of printer
LaserJet 5500, 5550, 4600 and 4650 magenta toner spillage
LaserJet 5500, 5550, 4600 and 4650 duplex unit jamming
LaserJet 5500, 5550, 4600 and 4650 does not pickup paper from tray 2
Laserjet ALL Models - Service 50 error (50.1, 50.2, 50.3, 50.4, 50.5)
LaserJet Network Ready Models - 80.x and EIO errors
Laserjet ALL Models - Maintenance Kits Required
Image Quality Problems.
Paper Movement Problems.
All other Error Codes generated by the Printer.

We offer rental printers for a reasonable rate, so that you can Still Print, while you get your printer serviced. Rental Printers are subject to availability, so the rental model offered may not exactly match the printer model that you are getting serviced.

Turn around time on depot repairs can vary. On simple repairs, 1 to 2 business days may be necessary depending on technician schedules and sometimes even part availability, but we do stock most common service parts for most of the common HP printers. When you need Emergency SAME DAY Depot Repair: Emergency repairs carry an extra cost, but can be preformed within 1 business day. Please give us a call to explain your situation.

Onsite Service is typically NOT performed on Same Business Day, but Emergency Service is available for some circumstances. CALL to explain your problem.

Do NOT be fooled by some Service Companies offering Same Day Response Times. Yes, any Service Company can respond and send a novice tech out to take a look at your problem the same day you call. But, FIXING a problem is NOT the same as RESPONDING to a problem and often times you will at least pay for at least TWO service calls (one to try to diagnose the problem, then a second one at a later date to fix it) and onsite service calls COST MONEY.

We can RESPOND the same day to a service call by sending a less trained novice tech to try and diagnose a problem as others do... BUT it would be better to try to diagnose the problem over the phone, then send the right tech with the right expertise and our best idea as to the correct parts to FIX your problem, which depending on technician schedules will almost always NOT be the SAME DAY... Unless the problem is a SIMPLE one and a Novice Bench Tech or even a Trainee Tech could handle it, or our regular onsite tech schedule can fit you in.

We are located very close to the Rutgers Busch/Livingston Campus near the Rutgers Athletic Center:

Local Onsite Service Area Coverage in Central NJ includes:
Piscataway, Middlesex, Highland Park, Bound Brook, Somerset, New Brunswick, South Plainfield, Metuchen, North Plainfield, Watchung, Edison, Somerville, New Durham, Green Brook, Keasbey, Plainfield, Rutgers University, South Bound Brook, Dunellen, Bridgewater.
If you located in Central NJ, we most likely cover your area

Depot service
$50 quote fee for all on printer models. Once you agree to proceed with the repair at the quoted price, this fee is waived. If the cost of the repair is too excessive & you choose not to proceed with the repair, the $50 quote fee MUST be paid when you arrive to pickup your printer.

OnSite service 
Hourly Rate for your location, plus parts. One hour minimum per trip. Give us a call WITH YOUR MAKE & MODEL NUMBER and explain your problem. This will greatly reduce the time and YOUR EXPENSE to service your printer.

Service Contracts are available for locations with a minimum of 10 printers.

*All repairs include Cleaning, Lubrication and Calibration.

Warranty & Payment:
All repairs are covered by a 60 day warranty on Parts (that were replaced) and Labor (for replacing these parts).
We accept Credit Cards, Company Checks and pre-approved Personal Checks for Payment
We accept Purchase orders from Government, Institutions, Schools/Universities and Pre-Approved Companies.

 Locations Close enough for Carry-In Depot Service:
CMC offers local HP Printer depot service and repair at our Piscataway Location which can service central New Jersey locations including Middlesex County and portions of Monmouth, Somerset, Union, Mercer, Hunterdon and Morris Counties Including:
Middlesex 08846, New Brunswick 08899 08901 08902 08903 08904 08905 08906 08922 08988 08989, Bound Brook 08805, Manville 08835, Clark 07066, Franklin Park 08823, Scotch Plains 07076, Green Brook 08812, Plainfield 07060 07061 07062 07063, Dunellen 08812, Watchung 07060, Rutgers 08855, South Plainfield 07080, East Millstone 08875, Perth Amboy 08862, South Amboy 08878 08879, Zarephath 08890, Warren 07059, Springdale, 973, Highland Park 08902, North Brunswick 08902, East Brunswick 08816, How, Avenel 07001, 908, Finderne NJ 08876, Edison NJ 08817 08818 08820 08837, Somerset NJ 08873 08875 08890, Middlesex, Somerville 08871 08872, Raritan 08869 08896, Bridgewater 08807, Piscataway 08854, 609, Martinsville 08836, Green Knoll, Avenel 07001, Basking Ridge 07920, Bedminster 07921, Spotswood 08884, Metuchen 08840, Valentine NJ, Menlo Park 08837, Flagtown 08821, South Bound Brook 08880, Middlebush 08873, Randolphville NJ, Milltown 08850, South River 08882 08877, Fords 08863, New Durham, Raritan Manor, Keyport, 908, Madison Park, Camp Kilmer, Livingston, Busch, Cook, Douglas, College, University, Forsgate, Prospect Plains, New Market, Randolphville, Fieldville, North Stelton, Lake Nelson, Arbor, Possumtown, Highlands, Heights, Fellowship Farm, Monroe, Jameburg 08831, 609, South Brunswick 08810, Bernards Township, Lamington, Area, Code, Areacode, Pottersville, West Millington, Green Knoll, Finderne, Middlebrook Heights, Washington Rock, Mount Mt Bethel, Area Code, Zipcode, Zip Code, Clara Barton, Bonhamtown, Lincoln Park, Browntown 08857, Dayton 08810, Fanwood 07023, Gillette 07933, Helmetta 08828, North Stelton, Washington Park, Lindenau, Iselin 08830, Nixon, Ethel, Warrenville, Stelton, Martins Landing, Robinvale, North Stelton, High Bridge 08829, Annandale 08801, Clinton 08809, WhiteHouse 08888, Whitehouse Station 08889, North Branch 08876, Rahway 07065 07066 07067, Far Hills 07931, Parlin 08859, Pluckemin 07978, Kendall Park 08824, North Plainfield 07060, Colonia, New Providence 07974, Mountainside NJ 07092, Woodbridge 07095, Pierce Heights, 732, Morgan 08879, 732, Old Bridge 08857, Perrineville 08861 08863, Pluckemin 07978, Port Reading 07064, Sayreville 08871 08872, Stirling 07980, Westfield 07090 07091, Cedar Heights, Oldwick 08858, Stone Mill, Hightstown 08520, Keasbey 08832, Laurence Harbor 08879, Millington 07946, Middlebush 08875, Monmouth Junction 08852, Readingsburg, Lebanon 08833, Cranford 07016, Potterstown, Bernardsville 07924, Liberty Corner 07938, Lyons 07939 and Berkeley Heights 07922.

 HP Service EmailEmail Local Central NJ Printer Service and Repair Inquiries to

CMC takes Visa/Mastercard Purchase Orders are also accepted from Government, University, School and Large Commercial Business Accounts

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